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Full Version: Different result running test with "https://" vs without.
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Hi guys, I'm running some test and I just found out that the test results are different when running test like this:

First run (with https://):
[Image: 8nGF4Vs.png]

[Image: ghWqhpS.png]

Second run (without https://):
[Image: t8ri7dQ.png]

[Image: XWVBLeA.png]

Can anyone give me some insights to this? What's the difference running same site with "https://" and without. I'm a newbie and freshie.

Thanks in advance.
In the second one, looking at the first request, the response is a redirect. For this case that redirect is basically just wasted time, since it had to turn around and make the right 'https://' request afterwards.
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