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Full Version: Can web fonts block rendering?
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I noticed that nothing was rendered until the font file was downloaded. Is this due to not using "font-display"?

Another question, in this print can we see a flush() from PHP?

[Image: Capturar2.jpg]

Hi Daniel,

Yes, font's can block the paint.

Is this due to not using "font-display"? Not necessarily.

Are you using <link rel="preload"> on the font?

<link rel="preload"> serves as a "hint" to the browser that a given resource is going to be needed soon, but it doesn't tell the browser how to use it. You need to use preload in conjunction with an appropriate CSS @font-face definition in order to instruct the browser what do to with a given Webfont URL.
What is PHP flush is that a way to force the buffer to get sent out early rather than say at the end? Also I wonder the different colours in those bars mean, I assume download and parsing. Great tool this! Big Grin
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