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Full Version: Wrong WPT waterfall request
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Hi Patrick,

We have a private instance setup in my organization for the performance test.

1) I am testing my home page and getting the wrong waterfall report. example - my requirejs request should go after page load blue line, but here always coming before the blue line. this is happening in both instance (private, public), but if I test the same URL in different tool and in my browser, I am getting correct waterfall timeline request. Find (, it should load before blue line as normal its loading every where.
Test result URL
Wrong timeline -
right timeline -

2) this is happening only on the home page and the rest of the pages of the website is showing correctly behavior.

3) we are running this test for UK website which is showing the wrong timeline only in home page test, rest of the world website like US, CA, BR, CL - they all are showing correct waterfall timeline- All the website has the same codebase.

Need to your help to fix this issue.

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