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Full Version: json output change -- missing lighthouse KPI's
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With the latest "agent" update from docker, I have observed a significant change to how lighthouse results are reported. The "lighthouse" node only contains the "test_log" data and all other KPI's were removed.

Example before:

    fetchTime    "2019-10-23T11:41:01.061Z"
    categoryGroups    {…}
    runWarnings    []
    configSettings    {…}
    finalUrl    ""
    lighthouseVersion    "4.3.0"
    environment    {…}
    i18n    {…}
    timing    {…}
    userAgent    "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux ….3729.108 Safari/537.36"

Current output:
    test_log    "lighthouse \"https://www…

I realize some of the data is available under other nodes such as "lighthouse.Performance.first-contentful-paint", but this is a pretty significant change and loss of data which prevents us from upgrading.

Is this a bug or an intended change?
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