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I have a Wordpress site. Cloudflare is not detected in my results. Step by step help appreciated. My host is Network Solutions. Thank you!!! Webpage Test results
The website hasn't been configured to use Cloudflare's CDN, only DNS. To enable Cloudflare's reverse proxy/CDN click the grey icon on those first 3 A records so it turns orange. For more information:
THANK YOU! But will that stop my client's e-mail? If so, what do I do to get the benefit of Cloudflare and not lose e-mail function? E-mail is handled by the site host. Do I orange cloud the A records you mentioned and also add an A record "" (gray cloud)? I read this article and know enough to be dangerousHuh:
Yes just enable for the website, which is the 2nd and 3rd A records. Perhaps remove the wildcard * A record if you don't have any subdomains.

Leave the others grey. The MX record is for mail so that would be left grey.
Thanks! It worked. E-mail send/receive AOK plus CDN finally. Big Grin
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