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There's a couple issues I'm encountering with the Docs for Scripts. Maybe this tool isn't for my Single Page App. And I need something else. But here goes:

I'm trying to get past the Login Page so I can setup tests on specific functions. But the Docs reference things that no longer exist... I.e.

"You can test a script in the desktop version by selecting "Run Script" from the File menu."

Where do I get this "desktop version". I see no other reference to it except a dead one from 2012.

The example given for doing a login and test is on:


But the steps, page, etc do not match so it doesn't work. I was able to get this site and another to work, but my site does not.

I can get content in my username/password but the "Login" button is not getting clicked.

<form class="login-form form-horizontal">
<a class="btn base-web-button" type="submit" id="login_btn">Login</a>

I've tried:
clickAndWait id=login_btn
clickAndWait innerText=Login
submitForm class=login-form
submitForm name=login-form
clickAndWait value=login_btn

Nothing is working, help. Here's my full script:

logdata 0
navigate // altered for security
setValue id=loginEmail
setValue id=loginPassword myuserpassword
clickAndWait id=login_btn
logdata 1
sleep 10
SPA's tend to disassociate the HTML controls from their own data store so create unique scripting challenges

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