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Full Version: Simplest setup for local server development?
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I'd like to poke at the server UI, ideally without setting up my own agent. Is there documentation on the best setup for local development? I'm on a Mac, if it matters.

I tried using docker, and the public relay server:

docker cp www/settings/locations.ini wpt:/var/www/html/settings

My locations.ini:

PHP Code:

These are the top-level locations that are listed in the location dropdown
Each one points to one or more browser configurations

=" - Dulles, VA"

This is an example of a "remote" configuration where tests can be proxied to a remote
WebPageTest instance.  The test will be run by the remote serverbut the results
will be downloaded to the local server and deleted from the remote agent
Each desired location from the remote server needs to be configured
individually on the local configuration (location names do not need to match)
To use the public instance you will need an API key

=" Dulles, VA - IE8"
relayKey="<I got a key and remembered to paste it here>"

This almost works--it seems like I'm able to start a run, and the UI goes through the phases of waiting for it to complete, but then when it appears to finish it gives a "Test not found" message (see screenshot)
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-05-08-at-1-05-53-PM.png]

Is there a simple fix? Or maybe just an easier way to do local development?
Hmm, I've never used the docker container but my guess would be something around the local results folder and where that persists.

It might be easiest to spin up a free-tier AWS instance using the server image or a VM (or gce instance) with Ubuntu 18.04 and just run the server install script:

I usually install xdebug in the php on the dev server and then use vscode remote to do dev work on it so I don't have to deal with being on a Mac.
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