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Full Version: Docker wptagent cpu throttle ?
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First time docker wpt user and I have managed to get wpt server and wptagent installed and running but 3g emulated moto gen4 isn't throtling the cpu ? I don't think ?

Is this the correct way to enable cpu throttling for wptagent ?

docker run -d -p 4001:80 \
    --network="host" \
    --name wptagent \
    -e "SERVER_URL=http://localhost:4000/work/" \
    -e "LOCATION=Test" \
    -e "EXTRA_ARGS='--throttle'" \
    --cap-add="NET_ADMIN" \
    --shm-size=1g \
I encountered exactly the same problem as you recently while trying to set up my private instance. I managed to solve it and my private instance has been running now for a few weeks with CPU throttling, so I've just created an issue in the repo to see if we can fix it for everyone:

You can see the whole details in the issue, but to summarise:
  • The docker image is missing the cgroup-tools package, this will need to be added to the image
  • The cgroup filesystem inside /sys is read-only but the cgroup tools expect it to be writeable in order to create and manage the cgroups.

I don't know if the fix is safe to use (from a security point of view) as I'm not familiar with Docker, but you may want to try it fix and see if it helps you.
cheers thanks for sharing the workaround Smile
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