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Full Version: Faster, leaner page has higher Page Load Time in Google Analytics
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I made a static version of a Wordpress page, which has fewer requests, a smaller overall size, and a lower time to first byte than the original. It's hosted on a Cloudflare Worker. It loads faster on and in other tests.

New page:

Original page:

In the Google Analytics Page Timings section, Avg. Document Interactive Time and Avg. Document Content Loaded Time went down significantly and stayed down for the new page.

But the Avg. Page Load Time actually went UP after implementing this page. This is with more than a month of data, 300-400 page timings per day, no data sampling. (About 6.25 seconds to load on the old version, 7.5 seconds to load on the new version.)

There seems to be a huge variance from day to day in Avg. Page Load Times. One day, on iOS the page may take 35 seconds to load on average. Another day, the same might happen for non-iOS mobile devices. In general, huge ups and downs, with the ups increasing the average.

How come average page load time did not go down, despite having a much smaller page?
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