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Hi, WPT hackers! I upgrade my WPT private instance( WPT locations + WPT server ) on docker to latest version 20.06
And frequently receive Test Error: Browser crashed.) (Error: Navigation Error)

Is it possible to fix it ?

[Image: Q614H1h.png]
Hi Ruslank,
I'm also trying to run a Private instance of WPT on my linux machine using Docker. I get the same Error when I run on Chrome. Firefox Tests work fine.

Any help here is much appreciated.
Same here:

WPT Docker Agent and Docker Server.
Chrome is not working with:

Test Error: Browser crashed.
Error: Navigation Error

Firefox works fine.

Any help is much appreciated!
Increasing the shared memory size of the docker container solved the issue.
Size can be specified with a flag "--shm-size=1gb" on docker run, like:

docker run -d -p 4001:80 --network="host" -e "SERVER_URL=http://localhost:4000/work/" -e "LOCATION=Test" --shm-size=1gb local-wptagent
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