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Full Version: Script is not working for Cookies
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I am facing issue to set cookies through script on WPT.
I tried cookies manually on my website and It was working fine but when I tried in WPT using the script then it's not working, mentioned script below which I am using:

setCookie dsx = 3WnF%2FFXPFTADfqoJRtZdwWuq%2B69Oa5HKOjVyal6c8itSdxsuFyv8EMQAgwg%2F0MWFMnYxa6I6CF​%2BcAKPxiPNyvMrKMrdAiBzkUjw2m3RCJ8hXuf16YQIDDlGV2sli%2BxmWjXXsXLsm6SsDCCmKRl9grs​XiX9f5j2sM2xy9Q1ONuUr8OdOpkgeIuPD9A35Qy2X1fFLSBYNp0tlzYA0NVAf649vqq9mhL%2FpncIAo​jV5h9FZ7xf2qA7a8%2FyIakKu40%2F1r5S%2BU0sJPO%2F08wCaOvVq1gdtNZnVT9NUnlQzQpkAyhc8%​3D; expires = Wed,05-Aug-2021 00:00:00 GMT; path = /; domain =

Could anyone help me to resolve this.

Ankit Jain
value of your setCookie should be a String.
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