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Nope, hasn't been implemented (at least in the mainline code). Deleting old jobs (or tests) should be a pretty simple shell script that just deletes files older than X from the appropriate directory tree.
Ok no probs, i'll ping you an email if you could send across the patch back? Smile

I've already started on a little script that will clean up the results and remove them from the log files too, but i'm going to try and have this configurable - similar to show slow.

When running WPT Monitor i noticed it was quite slow, and it turns out the request for 'jquery.validate.js' no longer exists within the jquery dev channel, so i've modified this locally so both js files load from the same cdn for now (reduce extra dns lookups):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Not sure if you prefer using publicly hosted js libraries via a cdn, or (my preference depending the type of site) keep them within the app so network issues or missing files don't cause further problems?

Would be great if i can have access to the svn repo on google code, as id be more than happy to help Smile

Shall send you my google details in that email also!


Hi there,

That would be an awesome feat.
What should be the trigger that include this into main stream ?
If there's any way to give a hand on this one...


Regis A. Despres

p.s. : wonderful peace of software. thanks a lot for all this.
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