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(03-07-2012 07:51 AM)Marvin Wrote: [ -> ]So basically it seems one needs to host his website at RackSpace to be able to use the CDN. And the RackSpace's CDN offering currently doesn't seem to even offer origin pull, based on what the people in the linked topic mentioned. That's too bad. I'd be interested in testing the Akamai CDN offered by RackSpace if it didn't require me to host my site with RackSpace.

No you don't have to host your website with RackSpace to use the CDN. You just have to host your static files with them. And it's dirt cheap to do so. I've been using them for months and still haven't gotten a single bill or paid them a dime since my usage numbers are so low. It'd be a different story if I had millions of visitors a day. But 500 visits a day with a few images, css, and js files amounts to very little bandwidth usage.

And they do offer origin pull, but only against their own servers. To be clear, what that topic is actually about is the lack of support for a custom origin server.

By the way, if someone tries RackSpace I'd be curious if you experience the same sporadic performance problems I have been recently. It's always possible that it's a localized issue.
Thanks for the clarification, SWortham. That's tempting to try. I'd like to see what features the CDN control panel offers as far as features. I'll see if RackSpace has a PDF manual for download.
Technically you don't need to "host" your website at rackspace, you just need to be able to get all of your static files into their S3-like storage solution. I like origin pull because it's essentially zero-config but if you have a release process you can have it push your static content to their servers as part of the push.

Might be worth the effort for some for low-cost Akamai coverage. I may experiment with it but I expect my laziness will win out and I'll want to keep things simple.
True :-(

I've decided it's not really worth pursuing for me mainly for the reason SWortham mentioned earlier:
Quote:They don't support far-future expiration dates. The limit is 72 hours.
(03-08-2012 01:07 AM)Marvin Wrote: [ -> ]True :-(

I've decided it's not really worth pursuing for me mainly for the reason SWortham mentioned earlier:
Quote:They don't support far-future expiration dates. The limit is 72 hours.
Yeah, this is one of the reasons I've switched back to Amazon for now. I still follow RackSpace's blog though. If they fix some of these limitations their service could be killer.
There seems to be a new CDN in town:

Haven't tried them yet though.
The pricing and network footprint look really good (and they claim to be anycast). I'm a little worried about the busted grammar on the pricing page - is more like 50% cheapest than Amazon CloudFront! There are not any additional fees per request. Every price you see is the price you pay.

I know it's probably picking nits but I'm used to filtering mail with similar characteristics very carefully before handing my credit card over to the Nigerian prince. It looks like it's an offshoot from a UK company that provides hosting so it's probably fine, I just scare easily :-)
Looks to me like, the owner of CDN77 is the same as:

I made an account at CDN77 and tried it. There website is still very new, lots of features missing. I requested a few of them and they mentioned they would put some up today and an other tomorrow.

Below is the feature list of what they probably want to support:

Their DNS is anycast, their CDN isn't. They use DNS "geographic load balancing" (give the client an IP-address of a POP closest to the user).

What I really like about it, their anycast DNS seems really fast. Faster than the DNSMadeEasy I'm currently using.

I'm trying to find out who is behind the DNS part (if they don't run it themselfs) but I haven't figured it all out yet.
Quote:I know it's probably picking nits

No, I had the same thing, and not just on the pricing page. Just now I glanced at a page and read "Do you want try CDN?". Good for a laugh, but along with the very large number of POPs for a start-up, the focus on improving "Google positions", and the lack of technical information about their network, I don't feel inclined to give up reputable services such as DNS Made Easy or CloudFront in their favor.
... yes, but it's always nice to see a new player. They certainly offer a lot of POPs for a decent price. It will be interesting to see how well they will do over the next little while.

I've noticed the above mentioned wording, too, but I have a higher level of tolerance in this area as English is my second language, just like I suspect is the case with the guys behind Smile

Good luck to them. If anyone gives their service a try, do post feedback here...
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