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the results from and the desktop tool doesnt match up...

web results :

desktop results : attached screenshot...

on the desktop version, it shows jquery-min.js, javascript.js and google_service.ja (requests 3 to 5) loading in parallel, however the web test shows it to load one after the other...

the desktop test was done in a winxp VM with ie 8.0.60001.18702 . nothing fancy installed on this box, no 3rd party plugins other than the pagetest plugin...
My guess would be the added latency from the DSL traffic shaping. It looks like your DNS lookups and socket connects take close to zero time. Did you also clear out your cache?

The hosted tool USES the desktop plugin to take the measurements so it usually comes down to something environmental (or different versions).
hmm.... i think i forgot to clear the cache completely... just did a ctrl + F5 .... probably thats why it didnt do the dns lookups.... will try again tomorrow on desktop version and this time ill clear the cache...

My internet connection is much much worse than your test machines.... even the CDN'd stuff is served from other neighbouring countries..

but on all the tests ive run on ... both ie7 and ie8 wait for the jquery to load before proceeding onto my javascript file.... any ideas how to make them parallel? i dont have any inline javascript before the first request to (3rd javascript file)
Yeah, don't do a reload, that changes a lot about how the browser behaves. Clear the cache and exit the browser (just to make sure there's nothing in the session cache). If you want to see the DNS as well you'll want to do an "ipconfig /flushdns" to clear out the OS DNS cache.

I'll take a look at the page in a little bit to see if I can figure out what is going on (though IE7 will always block on the javascript loading unless you jump through a few hoops to load it asynchronously).
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