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Ok, don't everyone test at once because I only have 2 agents configured with it but....

Firefox 6 is now available on WebPagetest from the Dulles, VA location.

It's still very much under development but it shares the chrome agent codebase and is actually a little further along than Chrome right now (with SSL and optimization checks supported).

Let us know if you see any issues. Most of the scripting commands should work as well as video capture. Above-the-fold time measurement is not finished yet (coming really soon though) and there is a known issue where iFrames that are injected after onLoad might push out the document complete time but that should show up rarely, if ever (and we're in the process of fixing it).

If things look good we'll probably start deploying globally in a week or two and package up a new release for private instances with the updated agent support.


Very good! Is it running, like Chrome, together with a IE-node? Or is a specific node needed?

Rob de Groot
It is running like Chrome - and the code is actually capable of running both Chrome and Firefox from a single instance of wptdriver. Still some work to do on the auto-updates for it to be 100% ready but it's getting close.
Are there any plans to add opera support?

At least, it would be interesting to see the effects of pipelining on speed optimization.
It's not on our radar right now (Mobile is a higher priority right now) but if it's not too much work I may take a crack at it. It's mostly going to depend on the extension framework for Opera (we don't do a lot of browser-specific stuff in extensions but we do do the basic page navigation and form filling from there).
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