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Hey Guys,

On the following page:

There is a message that states:
"Run 6 is the closest to the average load time."

Is run 6 the closest to the initial view average load time or the repeat view average load time?

Perhaps there could be something that states:

"Run # is the closest to the initial view average load time and run # is closest to the repeat view average load time."

Travis Walters
Thanks, I'll see what I can do to clean that up. I've been meaning to look at it anyway because I want to figure out how to expose the fastest as well as the median runs.

As it stands right now it picks the closest match for First View only.


That would be pretty cool if there was a table setup

First View, Repeat View and then Median Time, Slowest Time, Fastest Time

Could get some sort of deviation on the average load time
Ideally include a summary of the key metrics for each run that might indicate why timing was different on each of them. Such as:

Total requests
Total bytes downloaded
Aggregate network transmission time
Aggregate server wait time (Time to First Byte)
Total time (main host)
Total time (other hosts)
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