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Full Version: Is it possible to run ENTIRE site (not just images, etc) via CDN?
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Now I understand! Thanks for taking the time to explain it the way you did! I'll submit a ticket to ask if they would do it (and if it would cost extra).

While using an IP-address does not eleminate the problem it does reduce it nicely. I like it.

BTW I've not seen rel=prerender being used by Google & Chrome in quiet a while. I think they turned it off. Undecided


They probably already use a dedicated IP-address for HTTPS (SSL) so I would expect it isn't something completely alien to them.
We could also turn the tablets, why doesn't the CDN offer DNS services ?

I know Akamai does, but that is probably a bit expensive I would guess.

Anyway, I'm afraid Edgecast doesn't use dedicated IP-addresses though. I don't think they use anycast. They might have a dedicated IP-address per regio. So you would need GeoDNS as well Undecided
The following is the reply I received from Edgecast:

Quote:No you cannot use a IP address, because the DNS lookup determines where a user is coming from then returns the correct POP IP address depending on their location. So each user will get a different IP to route their requests for your CDN objects to the closest POP. Let me look into the DNS issue and get back with you.


I was under the impression that they were using TCP Anycast. What they are describing means they are doing DNS-based GSLB (at least to some level). If that is the case, then yeah - you'd be SOL.
Perhaps it could be worthwhile to test another CDN provider. Cotendo does mention "A Record" in their manual - but does anyone know if Cotendo has some inexpensive reseller(s)?
Marvin, what is mentioned in the manual does not refer to a dedicated IP-address.

They could still have it though. I don't know.

I checked maxcdn because I knew they are anycast, but they don't seem to have any support for rules ?
Contendo DNS seems to be anycast to me, but atleast their site is GeoDNS/DNS-based GSLB.
I know CacheFly is also supposed to be TCP Anycast but the pricing is pretty expensive (not sure if they have any resellers).

You don't necessarily need a dedicated address, just a static one that they always resolve to. I know the NetDNA part of MaxCDN will let you do it with a shared IP (not sure about Max though).
Judging by this page, CacheFly does not support rules:

Just looking at different CDNs.

I don't think cloudfront supports rules.

Fastly seems to support rules for their top account, which is expensive.

Internap supports rules. But no price information.

CDNetworks, I would expect to support rules judging by their webpage. But no price information (contract of 12 months).

Bitgravity (TATA), not completely sure if they support rules, they might. 12 month contract, but with price information.
I will stop worrying about the DNS lookup time for now, as it seems that any step towards a possible improvement would include switching to a different (much more expensive) CDN and/or DNS provider.
Didn't I suggest that you should build out a network like Google as the best solution to getting good connectivity to all networks ? ;-) Well, Google, YouTube, gmail, just went down for a moment today.

A few days ago I was watching this video:

So I was thinking, it isn't about the numbers. It is about perception.

As the loading of the HTML/CSS is already very good on your site...

The real question is do you need to put the HTML/page on the CDN ? How much benefit does it have in practice ? If the user has a working page within a very short time downloaded gziped from your origin server then you might not need the CDN for the HTML/page ? And how bad is the CNAME in comparison ?
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