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Full Version: Is it possible to run ENTIRE site (not just images, etc) via CDN?
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The DNS lookup issue seems to be limited mostly to APAC countries. Most of my visitors are from NA and EU, so it's not something I should be overly concerned about.

But even taking the "bad" DNS lookup times into consideration, the pages do load now faster even in Asia/Pacific countries with the html caching implemented at the CDN than they loaded before. The far away locations like AU/NZ/JA have actually seen more speed improvement than the closer NA/EU areas, despite the DNS lookup times.

After a couple of more weeks passes, I may be able to see the improvement (if any) reflected even in Google Webmasters Tools > Labs > Site Performance. I'm guessing the html caching on CDN may contribute to about 100 milliseconds of improvement in the load time of pages on my site on average. 100 ms may not seem like much, but according to GWT the pages on this site already load in the green (fast) zone (currently 1.2 sec), so 100 ms would be about 10% improvement.
OK, thanks for the information.

I was thinking in Asia the page as a whole might load faster, but when the user is waiting for DNS nothing will be displayed. That part of the time might be longer for some people now. That is what I meant with perception.

The site I'm working on is pretty international, so that is why I'm interrested in your experiences.

This site currently still has session cookies for anonymous users/new visitors which I would like to remove. And lots of other things going on which I still need work. But I hope to eventually move it over to serving the HTML for new visitors to the CDN also if it works well.
Lennie, I just looked through several old test results, and I see that the DNS lookup times were as bad then (in AU) as they are now. The only reason I started to look into the DNS now is that there seems to be nothing else to improve.
I've been thinking, I'll look into Fastly. Their expensive accounts might allow for custom rules, but I was thinking their cheaper accounts probably already have rules.

You will need to use a CNAME. Undecided

The DNS for their own domain is handled by, which should be ok I guess.
If you try Fastly, do let us know the results.
Well, they have a free developer account, so that is nice.

I did some quick tests, they do publish their default Varnish rules in the control panel.

I'll need to learn more about how Varnish works to figure out if it is possible to create a website which can be pushed trough their CDN serving cached content for anonymous/new visitors and doing origin-pull for logged in users.

And how I can control from the origin-server how long something is cached.
Not that I could use it for running our whole site site on a CDN.

Because I remembered that frequent (logged in) visitors on our site have a cookie which is valid for a year and connected to the www.

So any CDN I would want to use any time soon for running the whole site on the CDN, I would need to (have the ability to and) make an exception for that cookie. Undecided

I always wanted to look more closely into Varnish anyway, so I might as well.

Although I had dismissed it as nginx has enough caching abilities to handle anything I would want to do with it (In the documentation of nginx I read you can even do similair caching to Varnish with nginx).

I've seen in some test nginx even comes out ahead of Varnish, that would be really disappointing if it is true.
Just did an other small test, even if you use Amazon Route53 and need to put a CNAME in for Amazon Cloudfront it will still need to send atleast queries to different nameservers for 3 domains (for the domain, for and for

That is just sad.

I understand why they may have done it, to spread load and prevent DDOS attacks from killing all their customer nameservers/domains in one sweep.

But this was the best they could come up with ?

Obviously cloudfront isn't useful for whole site, but I couldn't login to my fastly account today. So checked something else instead.
[Image: 6883066925_90ed063b05_b.jpg]

Finally, for the first time ever, the graph dropped below the 1 second level. :-)
The caching of html on the CDN contributed by about 100 ms, or a bit more. Perhaps it's not much, but every little bit helps. :-)

I'm not sure what else to do. Just if it were possible to improve the DNS lookup time, it would be nice. Perhaps some idea pops up in the future that addresses the issue. I'll leave it alone for now.

P.S. The above graph would contain less of the green and more of the red if it weren't for all the great help I got here at!
Hey, quit ruining the curve for the rest of us ;-)
LOL, I'm done. I don't know what else to do ;-)
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