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Full Version: It's normal to have so different test results ???
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I have made some consecutive test on my site and I receive very different and confusing results.


Beside the very different Start Render time are other very strange things.
1.Why somethimes the Reapeat View is slower than the Firs View (see test 1 and 3) HuhHuh
2.Why for test 4 the reqests are paralellized 2 by 2 and for others they aren't? Huh

It is because the hosting server or because my site code ???
You have quite a bit of variability in your first byte times (back-end code/server performance). From under a second to over 6 seconds. It looks like whatever code serves you css and js is having similar variability.

Without knowing how your site is put together I'd hazard a guess that most of it is caused by hosting but that your code could possibly be making things worse depending on what it is doing.

For your question #2, the requests in all of the tests are parallelized 2 by 2 (may be easier to see if you go down to the connection view waterfall). That is because IE 7 opens up 2 connections per domain and browsers can only have one request at a time open on a given connection. ou can make it more parallel by sharding the static objects across domains but your real bang for your buck will come with getting your back-end performance under control.
btw, if you open the advanced settings you can run up to 10 tests without having to submit them separately.
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