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Sorry, my bad - time is for the "minimum duration". There isn't currently a setting that controls per-test time limits. It would probably take about a day to implement on the server and both desktop agents so it could be configured on the server. If you file an issue in github I can take a look at it.
Ah makes sense. I don't want to create any more work for you - I'll find a way to work with the current feature set. Thanks Patrick!

There is setActivityTimeout command available in scripting:

I wonder if it is possible to change its default value? Per WPT server or per agent. Now it is set to 2000ms and I need more in most cases because in case of very poor performance wptdriver often finishes test run even when there are http requests pending. What is worse such a test has no status to make it possible to know that actually it happened.

Sorry, looking through the code, the only way it gets set right now is with the hard-coded 2 second default or with the script command. Adding a setting is doable, it's just not in the code yet.
OK. I can live with that.

Thanks for checking it!
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