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Full Version: Please add Cloudfront as CDN
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Amazon's Cloudfront is not recognized as CDN right now.
Don't know how you detect them, but if it's a whitelist, they all CNAME to <something>

Do you have a sample? The reason I ask is that cloudfront has been in the CDN list for close to a year so I want to make sure I didn't break something with the CDN detection (or see if there is a new flavor of cloudfront I am not detecting).


Sorry, it looks like I was too quick - it actually complains that I have 2 CDNs - one on Cloudfront and another - Wink

Gave me D for that:
Actually the multiple CDN's doesn't weigh into the grade. Looks like something is wrong with the math because the 3 relevant assets all got checks. I'll go take a look at the scoring logic and see if I broke something recently.


All fixed:

Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like I broke the calculation when we did the Page Speed release (completely unrelated change though). Luckily I also included an update mechanism in that release so I can now blast updates to all of the test machines without having to coordinate a rollout :-)
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