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Things have stabilized with the new UI and I think all of the kinks are now worked out so I packaged up a new release along with the latest browser plugin.

New Installs:
Update an existing 1.9 install:

(The only difference is the settings files won't be overwritten with the update version)

There is a readme.html file in the archive that has some basic install instructions. Eventually I'll get the instructions up on the wiki so we can beef them up a bit. For the upgrade, just extract the archive over your existing site and everything should "just work".

Changes from 1.9:

* New UI
* Page Speed integration
* Ability to publish results to the public server for sharing (link at the top of the results pages)
* Ability to push updates to test machines from the server
* Switched video player back to Flowplayer (pauses at the end of a video for a better experience)
* Customizable RSS feeds

Additionally, there were some changes to pagetest (now at build 234):

* New script commands for overriding DNS responses
* New script command for custom user agent strings
* Fixed some race conditions that caused tests to fail in some rare conditions
Very nice Big Grin
Thanks for the new look!
Couldn't find out the license for the release? Our IT guy want to know.
(09-28-2010 04:20 PM)turtl8 Wrote: [ -> ]Couldn't find out the license for the release? Our IT guy want to know.

Sorry, I'll add a license.txt file later today. It's all under a BSD license so you can do whatever you want with it (including building commercial software off of it).

There are libraries that the browser plugin uses that are under different licenses but they are all flavors of open source licenses (libjpeg, libpng, zlib, pagespeed, etc).


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