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I want to keep the test private. And in test options, the third tab contains username and password. Where do I get these? Is the same one I use to login to this forum?

Also what is this statement of non-guessable test ID mean here? How can
I see the result and which ID to use.
Keep test results private (don't log them in the test history and use a non-guessable test ID)

The "Auth" tab is for authenticating into the web site you are testing, not for authenticating into webpagetest itself (in case you have a site protected by http auth).

When you keep a test result private you pretty much need to hang on to the url you get sent to for the test results because if you lose it you won't have a way to get back to the results (bookmark it, put it in a document, etc).

I am planning to add better integration with the forums so that when you are logged in, YOU will be able to see your private tests in the test history but nobody else will. That part is actually mostly done, I just need to expose it.


Hi Enticent.
Myself Steeve from United States, Just read your post regarding Login Authorization.
Authorization is a part of sessions and cookies which are a module of the login form.
Thanks for your post and stay connect.
I'm entering credentials in the Auth tab and I'm still seeing a "Error, need to be logged in" screenshot. Does the authentication work only for cookies? or sessions?

The authentication tab only works for "HTTP Basic" auth. If you're trying to test a web site that has a html login page you'll need to use a script to get past the authentication screen (ping me offline and I can help you put one together -


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