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Full Version: Test Results do not account for 7 seconds?
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First off I want to say great contribution to the web! Secondly I am looking at the following report:

At the very bottom you will see these stats:

4.894 sec. (24 items remaining) Downloading picture http://lampsusa.securednshost.com/media/...g-1.gif...
12.977 sec. Done

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can figure out what is going on in that last 7 seconds?

It only seems to occur in IE (Chrom & FireFox load fine)

Jessica Hartman
Go to the waterfall page, it tells you exactly what is going on: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/101021...1/details/

It looks like you have a bunch of images that have the incorrect path and are returning 404's (after taking quite a while to fail) - red = bad. For example:


Fix all of the broken images and the page should be a lot faster (and actually work).


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