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Quote:That's because you are fronting your dynamic pages with a CDN, isn't it? ;-)

Yeah, that must be it. I was actually now looking through test results from other cities, and the Initial Connection is not always around 50ms, I do see longer connection times, too. But you must be correct in saying my specific situation may be affecting the numbers a bit.

But the main thing is that now I understand how you do the calculation for Target. That's something that was on my mind for the past few days.
And another report. Just recently one of my blogs with few entries started taking 30 seconds to load from Go Daddy. I did all the usual stuff with turning off plugins, etc. But the attached report shows a bigger problem.

Would appreciate any advice. I'm using Genesis/Prose, tried reinstalling the theme. Page Speed is at 85 without anything remarkable to cause a slow first byte hitting the front page of my blog.
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