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Full Version: DNS lookup on Repeat View: why?
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hi Pat,

Repeat View tests show DNS lookups for all hosts, just as for First View tests. Wouldn't it be better (=more realistic) to *not* clear DNS cache before doing the RV test?

I always interpret RV as "the user visits the same page 1 day after the First View".
If there is more time between FV and RV, most likely the page objects will not be in browser cache anymore, so the whole RV test results are useless.

Do you agree on my "1 day later" point of view?
If so, wouldn't it make sense to *not* clear the DNS cache?
Depends on the TTL of the DNS records. I'm used to seeing really short TTL's (like 1 minute - 1 hour) but if it is common for TTL's to be > 24 hours it might be worth looking at.
If the TTLs for most hosts are that short, then it makes perfect sense.
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