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Hi -

I'm new to this forum and eager to learn! I ran Webpagetest for one of my sites ( ) and was generally pleased with the results: pagespeed=89, 5-A's, 1-C.

The biggest area of concern shown by the test is "Proper Cookie Usage" where my score was just 36. Unfortunately, I know little about how to tackle this issue. Anyone know of a easy to understand guide?

Most of what I've seen is pretty in-depth techno-garble.

I'd recommend focusing on just the checks that have letter grades on the main results screen. Once you get past those you generally have to REALLY understand the page loading process and reading a waterfall. The ETags and Cookie checks are more informational and probably won't have a noticeable impact on performance.

If you have a link to the results for the test you ran and would like some feedback, just post the link and I'll take a look (and there are other active members that probably will as well).

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