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Dear all,

I while ago I tried contacting about setting up SSL delivery (https:// ...) with their CDN. Unfortunately they have not responded.

The web threat scenario has changed -- tools like Sidejack have made it trivially easy to hijack browser sessions over plain HTTP. The answer IMHO is to deploy HTTPS more widely. (Hithub has a quick overview of what they're doing on their blog, if you're interested.)

So, for a new website I'm contemplating, I would like to have a lesser expensive CDN, with SSL support. This rules out Cachefly (and they're also not exactly cheap), and possibly rules out MaxCDN as well.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a lesser expensive CDN with SSL support? Ideal wish list is:
  • SSL support.
  • Less than 100 USD/month for a few GB of traffic pr month.
  • Anycast CDN, or actually I don't care about their implementation, but good small-file performance (we mostly need the CDN for website ICO, IMG, JS, CSS files).
  • At least US & EU edge servers. Preferably US, EU & Asia.
  • Optionally, streaming video zones as well. (Not required, just nice to have.)

I welcome all suggestions. Thanks for looking at this. :-)
I apologize that you did not receive back a response from us. This is highly unusual and I would love to look into what happened for you. Can you please PM me the ticket # (if you have it) and email address you contacted us with so I can find where it fell through the cracks and make sure that it doesn't happen again.
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