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I am unable to install/setup webpagetest on my windows 7 machine. First I was not able to install the dummynet driver at all, when I browse the installation directory where netipfw.inf is, it gives me "unable to find any drivers for this device", so I ignored the dummynet and configured my apache to "Web Page/Content" directory, with that I am getting the webpage test home page. I was so happy, but when I try to submit a test, it is stuck at "Testing..." page and not actually performing any test. When I check the logs, I saw the error "Error Failed to create user account 'user1' " and Error Logon failed for 'user1'. Any help from any one will be highly appreciated. Below is my web page test log file.

764 1 0 0 URLBlast Started
764 1 4 0 CPU String Intel® Xeon® CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz
764 1 5 2666 CPU MHz
764 1 6 4093 Total RAM (MB)
764 1 7 49999 Disk Size (MB)
764 1 8 12895 Disk Free (MB)
764 1 9 6 OS Version Windows Vista (6.1.7600 SP 0.0 Suite 0x00000100 Product 1)
764 1 10 0 Computer Name MyUserName
764 1 11 8 IE Version 8.0.7600.16385
764 1 12 234 URLBlast Version
764 1 18 0 Error Failed to create user account 'user1'
764 1 18 0 Error Logon failed for 'user1'

Thanks in advance.
I expect your dummynet problem is because you're running on 64-bit windows which isn't currently supported for dummynet. You'll still be able to do testing but you won't be able to simulate different connectivity types (and you'll need to tweak your locations.ini).

Are you running UrlBlast under an admin account? It needs to be able to manipulate the user account that the browser will run under. It's possible that the account failed to create because of password policies or something like that. You can manually create the user account as "user1" with a password of "2dialit" (as a limited or guest user) to see if that gets things moving (you can also override the account name and password in urlblast.ini if you need to use different credentials for the test account).
Pat, Thank you so much for your assistance. I have made little progress with your instructions, I have added my user credentials into urlblast.ini and it actually showed me the test result page, but everything is empty including the waterfall diagrams.

Load Time First Byte Start Render Time Requests Bytes In Time Requests Bytes In
First View 0.000s 0.000s 0.000s 0.000s 0 0 KB 0.000s 0 0 KB

This time, URLBlast actually says its running, and shows rebooting in 655 mins and also the cpu usage, but for some reason it is not actually performing the test. Is that in anyway depends on the "ipfw.cmd", when I try to start ipfw.cmd manually I am getting some socket failed errors like below

C:\Web Site\dummynet>ipfw.cmd

C:\Web Site\dummynet>set CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning

C:\Web Site\dummynet>ipfw -q flush
my_socket failed 2, cannot talk to kernel module
ipfw: socket

C:\Web Site\dummynet>ipfw -q pipe flush
my_socket failed 2, cannot talk to kernel module
ipfw: socket

I have also attached a screenprint of my test results page here.

Thanks in advance.
In your settings/locations.ini add:


To the same section that has the workdir defined. That will disable using dummynet.
Thank you so much Patrick for your great support, I have able to setup in my machine successfully. This product simply rocks.
I have a similar problem but I'm on a 32-bit.

I've enabled debug in URL blast and see after every log ok the following.

Work request response was empty
Reference URL's