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The explorer window is because of the updated pagetest and urlblast you installed (I moved the configuration to a server setting). You can try rolling back to the earlier code to see if pagetest.exe works for you. Unfortunately I still don't have a very good idea for what might be going wrong. I can send you debug builds of pagetest if you want to capture a bunch of trace data.
last message: it's working with the old versions!
probably it was a problem of the user "user1"
where are the server settings?
They don't exist in the 2.0 distribution. I'll be packaging up a 2.1 release in the next week or two that has all of the updates from the last couple of months (it is controlled in locations.ini).
ok. thanks a lot. I saw your server room: I would like to have something like that: I have everything on one computer but you know, in Europe space costs a lot
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