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Full Version: Is Start Render euqal to DOM Ready?
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I just found this great website and I am totally shcoked by the features provided here. Really amazing!

After testing an url, I have a question about the test results as follow. if convenient, could you please help to provide anwser?

For the green vertical line Start Render, is it equal to DOM ready and does it triggered by DOM Readdy? If not, what is the meaning for Start Render? is it before or after DOM ready?

It doesn't have any direct relation to DOM ready and it's not something that is exposed by the browsers. Start Render is the first point in time at which something other than a blank white page was displayed on the screen by the browser. It is measured by intercepting the browser's paint API calls.

Note, it doesn't necessarily mean that USEFUL content was displayed, just non-white (you can see a screen shot of what it looked like on the screen shot page). Sometimes it can be just the background CSS color on a page and in other cases it can be the full page.
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