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This is slightly on a different issue, but still talking about GZIP. I tried turning on GZIP and found reports from visitors running older windows machine on older IEs (probably XP and IE6/7) having prompts that they have to download a certain file before the page can be rendered. Is GZIP not supported on those old browsers?
We've been using gzip for a while now, our customers sometimes have old browsers, and so far no issues. I believe IE 5 and older netscapes had issues with certain files (.js, .css) being gzipped, but those browsers are virtually non-existent these days (thank god for that...). To me this sounds more like an http header issue. You should capture the http headers being sent to those browsers and make sure they match the standards and/or are not malformed. Sometimes just spacing being off can cause issues with the older browsers.
okay, thanks for the reply, jarrod.
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