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You can now run traceroutes from the test agents through the web UI. It's still pretty experimental but you can get to it here:

Here is a sample traceroute to from the Dulles test agent:

When there's no response you'll get a blank entry (may update this to display a * so it looks more like the command-line). The traceroutes are done with ICMP for now (eventually I'd like to implement it as a TCP port-80 traceroute but that's a lot harder to do on Windows than it should be).

As always, feedback (particularly suggestions/bugs) appreciated.


I installed a private instance as a proof of concept exercise (I'm hoping to host a public instance for you early next year from a Data Centre in Manchester, UK).

After installation, I checked to see if I could run a traceroute test from my site in t e same way that I can from the public site in Dulles.

http://<MYSERVER>/traceroute returns an error and I don't seem to have a www/traceroute folder in my installation. Do I need to get the source for this somewhere else?

Sorry for the newbie question.
P.S. Fantastic site and great product ! :-)
My guess is that it is related to rewrite and the code isn't creating the non-rewrite version of the traceroute url correctly. If you navigate to /traceroute.php (I think that's it) you should see the UI.
Thanks Patrick, your advice was spot on. I'll fix a rewrite rule so goes to >
The rewrite rule should already be in place -

What are you using for a web server? If it's apache then you just need to install mod_rewrite. If it's nginx then you can include the nginx.conf

Usually the code detects when rewrite isn't available and uses the native .php urls but I probably missed it in this instance.
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