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An updated version of the web portal (and supporting tester code) is now available here:

This brings the distribution up to date with the public version including:
  • Support added for recording video
  • Screen shot captured at document complete
  • Browser status messages are logged and displayed on the screen shot table
  • Summary metrics split between document complete and fully loaded
  • Location selection UI re-worked for future expansion
  • Allow for explicit setting of browser dimensions

Installation instructions are in a readme file in the release.


Looks like I broke IE6 with the latest release of pagetest (which is included in the 1.7 update). If you are using IE6 don't pull down the update - there will be an updated release in a couple of days.
ok, the release has been updated with pagetest 217 which fixes the IE6 problem. If you just want to download updated binaries you can get it from here:


I have installed 1.7 as per instructions (Linux/Apache for webserver, Win2003 for URLblast server).

When I view test results I can see the waterfall thumbs, but when I click on them and go to the detail page I don't get the waterfall graphic, just the results table at the top.

Viewing the HTML page source, it looks as though the output is truncated - last line I see is line 175.

I have found that commenting out the following line fixes the problem* (line 179), but I don't know what the issue with it is.

$requests = getRequests($id, $testPath, $run, $_GET["cached"], $secure, $haveLocations, true);

*But, doing this does mean that I don't get the full Request Details table.
One of the things that I left out of the 1.7 installer was the GeoIP database. It is supposed to fail gracefully but it's possible that is causing the problem. I'll put up instructions on how to install the database in a little bit.

The getRequests() call is needed to build the data table of the requests so without it the data table (below the connection view waterfall) should be missing.


Hi Pat

Yes the data table is missing, would be great to get that working.

What versions of Apache and PHP are you running on the server? what modules are enabled (maybe just shoot me your httpd.conf to )? I have a clean 1.7 install running in a VM and all of the pieces look to be working correctly so there might be a config problem somewhere.

If you comment out the error_reporting(0); line at the top of then php error messages should be re-enabled and that may provide a clue as well.


(11-04-2009 11:21 AM)pmeenan Wrote: [ -> ]If you comment out the error_reporting(0); line at the top of then php error messages should be re-enabled and that may provide a clue as well.

Ah! That led me to the issue:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 43453970 bytes) in /var/www/webpagetest/Net/GeoIP.php on line 396

Since this is a test / internal server, I was able to simply change the value of memory_limit in php.ini from 16M to 48M and now it all works.

Thanks for your help!
Thanks. I'll see if there are any options on the GeoIP database to make it less memory hungry (I pretty much just plugged it in but it would seem to be a really bad idea to load the whole 40+MB database on every page load).

Glad you got it working though.


I like the new feature with CPU utilization, will you implement that in the next version ?

Do you have a roadmap ?
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