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Full Version: New Metric - DOM Element Count
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I just looked up some old test results from the end of April to see the number of DOM elements my hobby forum had at the time you added DOM elements to WPT. It seems my home page has seen a better than 25% reduction of DOMs, from 367 down to 260. Inner pages did even better. A sample thread page (15 posts on the page) I tested in April consisted of 1272 DOMs. The same page now only has 712 DOMs(!). A forum section, which used to have 1022 DOMs, now only has 580 of them.

I'm unable to say how much the reduction of DOM elements alone impacted the performance because there have been many other changes/improvements, but I'm sure it has helped.

The addition of DOM to WebPageTest was a good thing, it has really made me rewrite the code quite a bit. As of this morning, my home page has only 112 DOM elements.

Big Grin
Nice, that's pretty tight. Should help if you have any Javascript that needs to manipulate it.
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