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FYI, you should start seeing a new metric in your test results - DOM Elements. It is the count of elements on your document (and any documents within iFrames). It's useful for getting an idea for how complex your page is and should be really interesting to watch over time (and in aggregate).

Let me know if you see it not behaving well. I did some spot checks comparing it against document.getElementsByTagName("*").length on pages without iFrames and it looked about right.

Right now it's only available in the IE agents - should be coming to Chrome shortly.


Do you have a new release of the private instance available with the new DOM Elements field?

Not yet. I'll package one up before the end of the week that includes it as well as the Chrome support.
Ok, great, thanks!
This is a great addition to an already amazing tool. Thanks!
Just checking back on when you might be able to post a private instance version with DOM Elements.

Sorry, it slipped a bit because one of the users wanted to submit their patches to get it into the mainline codebase before the release. It will be released tomorrow.
Great, thanks!
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