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Hi, first time on here and looking for some useful observations please.

I did a test on my site

As a result of the comments and its lack of speed I loaded the plugin W3 Total Cache.

Here are my test page results.

Is there anything else I can do to speed up or put it another way is there anything that is worth doing that is do-able?

Thanks for this great tool. I will use it on some other sites soon when I get to grips with this one :-)
Yep, W3TC should help you address the 3 grades at the top that don't look so hot (and will really help performance).

The first byte time may already be helped by W3TC, I'm not sure what it looked like before, but if not make sure that you enable the various forms of caching (page, database and object I believe) which should help.

You will get a pretty big boost by turning on gzip compression for your text resources (javascript, css, html). Out of the 282KB that your page downloads, enabling text compression will eliminate 135KB (close to half of the download). This is usually done by the hosting provider ot in your apache rules but W3TC has a way to enable gzip compression if the hosting provider doesn't support it.

Once you have these two in place I think you'll be in really good shape.

The caching of favicon.ico will save your server a few hits but it won't really mean much for the end user experience.


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