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Full Version: Issues submitting urls via API
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I'm having issues passing in a url to the http API when the url contains '&'.

What should i use in place of the & in order to pass this in the querystring?

For example:\&navAction=jump\&iid=Header|All_Products|Cameras%20and%20Camcorders&location=Dulles_IE8&runs=3&fvonly=1&video=1&f=xml

Doesn't work. We've tried & for the url parameters, but this still doesn't work.

Any ideas?
Sorry - the \& in the previous email was another attempt at this that didn't work. This is the example I meant to paste:
You need to URLEncode the query parameter. Here's a good online encoder: but realistically, whatever language you are using to automate should have a built-in urlencode() function that will do it for you (individually for each query parameter, though the url is usually the one that causes issues).

Here is what it looks like encoded:;key> (make sure to insert your actual API key and please don't post them :-) )
Great - thanks Pat!
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