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Full Version: Really long first byte/initial connection
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It seems I'm getting really long first byte/initial connection times (40s+ or timing out) but only when testing from los angeles, I've run dozens of tests over the last few days and the issue only seems to happen for the LA test. I currently use cloudflare, so i wonder if it could be an issue with the CF datecenter that is serving my site there?

Any ideas?
My guess is that it is related to this:!/CloudFlareSys/stat...7166042113

Though they followed up a bit later and said that it was mitigated. Maybe there are some lingering issues. It wouldn't hurt to ping their support team and check.
Yep, looks like they had an attack in LA this morning:!/CloudFlareSys/stat...6853177344

Should be resolved now:!/CloudFlareSys/stat...0753263616
Yeah, appears to be back to normal. Thanks Patrick.
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