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Is it possible? - Barthalion - 03-05-2012 01:45 AM

Is it possible to make my blog faster?


As you can see on graph, Piwik is the slowest file to load. It's located on other server, probably this is a reason.

Wordpress + W3TC, nginx, php + php-apc, Percona Server 5.5.20

nginx, php + php-apc, MySQL 5.1.57

RE: Is it possible? - Pothi - 03-06-2012 02:16 AM

Piwik.js can be loaded from the primary domain ie from http://blog.bpiotrowski.pl/. You only need to copy http://piwik.bpiotrowski.pl/piwik.js onto http://blog.bpiotrowski.pl/ However, the time saved here is actually what's needed when the browser tries to access http://piwik.bpiotrowski.pl/piwik.php. Basically, it wouldn't make a lot of difference when you serve piwik.js from the primary domain. However, once you moved the piwik.js onto the primary domain, you can combine it with head.min.js to serve them in a single request.

In a similar way, I believe it is possible to include the print.css onto the site's style.css and have everything (I mean the stylesheets) served from a single request.

RE: Is it possible? - SWortham - 03-06-2012 03:20 AM

I agree with what Pothi said. Also, a few observations...

1. The bandwidth usage is unusually low. Is the server on a slow connection? You might consider using a CDN. CDN's today are cheap, especially if you're just using them for a few little images, css, and js files.

2. You could benefit from optimizing everything in the <head>. Combine CSS where possible. And move JS files to the body (head.min.js) if you can do so without introducing bugs. Doing these things will improve the "start render time", which in turn allows the elements in the body to start downloading sooner.

3. At the moment this isn't hurting your page load time too much, but I'd also suggest creating CSS sprites, combining all 4 of your GIFs/PNGs into just one image.

RE: Is it possible? - pmeenan - 03-06-2012 04:30 AM

Another option with the js is to just inline it. It looks like it's only 3KB or so for the head-min and another 8KB for the piwik js. If you can push them out of the head even better.

You can also embed the small images directly as data URI's for browsers that support it. If you don't mind sending more data to older browsers you can even do it while still sending the same content to both.

You'd probably have to do it by hand though because I don't think any Word Press plugins will do it for you.