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test site - utopia - 06-27-2012 06:53 AM



This is the result of a check for
can i get some advize here please?

Thank you!

RE: test site - p83822 - 06-29-2012 05:46 PM


I'll have a go (but there are people on this forum *much* better at this than I.)

In no particular order, but some things to start working on:

Combining resources - there seems to be a fair amount of chatter to get css, js and .pngs (and some duplication of js by the look?)

Looks like you can save some bytes by crushing .pngs and minifying some js and css.

You've got some big .jpgs in there some of which can be losslessly shrunken (Bottom_texture.jpg shrinks a third using jpegtran.)

http://www.geotraffix.com seem to be closing connections - don't know whether it's in your dint to fix.

Your repeat view shows that specifying some caching headers will help.

Looks like you're using document.write to call http://www.smuss.net/jquery.min.js. This is stopping the world for 3 seconds in your test. There are a number of patterns for loading js out there which would really help here (and maybe for the other js). Strangely this call seems to return 0 bytes: what's this doing, I wonder? At the moment it's a nasty blocker.