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webpagetest source - feifeipan - 07-24-2012 01:26 PM

I've download the webpagetest source code.I've read it for a few days,but still confused.......

There are a lot of things:winpcap, wptdriver, wpthook..........

Where can I find the source code explaination or structure. I'am soooo confused....HuhHuh

Thanks a lot.....Wink

RE: webpagetest source - pmeenan - 07-25-2012 01:20 AM

The code isn't for the faint of heart and the structure isn't really documented all that well. The project is basically split into 2 trees:

The Web UI - trunk/www/webpagetest (pretty much all php with a little python support for mobile)

The test agents - trunk/agent

The agents are pretty complicated but basically break down as:

browser/ie/Pagetest.sln - main solution file for visual studio 2008 SP2 that builds everything
browser/ie/urlblast - controller that drives the IE testing
browser/ie/pagetest - browser plugin that does all of the instrumentation for IE

webpagetest.sln (at the root of the tree) - main solution file for visual studio 2010 sp1 that builds everything
wptdriver - controller that drives Chrome/Firefox testing (with experimental IE support as well)
wpthook - cross-browser API interception that is code-injected into the browsers and does all of the measurement (equivalent of pagetest)
browser/chrome - chrome extension for some browser-specific functionality
browser/firefox - firefox extension for some browser-specific functionality