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Empty Location/Browser - Gedref - 05-24-2014 04:25 AM

I don't see anything in the location/browser drop-down to my privates instances
[Image: 1400869402-bad.png]

my locations.ini

; These are the top-level locations that are listed in the location dropdown
; Each one points to one or more browser configurations

label=Android Nexus 5

; These are the browser-specific configurations that match the configurations
; defined in the top-level locations.  Each one of these MUST match the location
; name configured on the test agent (urlblast.ini or wptdriver.ini)

browser=IE 9
label="Local - IE 9"

; For a wptdriver configuration (chrome, firefox), the browser labels here
; MUST match the labels used in wptdriver.ini


i using the ?hidden=1 and i see my locations and browsers well !
[Image: 1400869402-good.png]

i test /install to see permissions and it's good to
[Image: 1400869278-sans-titre.png]

Any idea ?

Thanks !

RE: Empty Location/Browser - pmeenan - 05-28-2014 12:34 AM

Are you running wptdriver, urlblast or the nodejs agent on any test machines? The locations will be hidden if there are no agents polling them for work.