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Recording of whole user workflow - lukics - 11-14-2014 12:30 AM


I would like to record a whole user workflow:
  1. Select country page
  2. Log in to country page
  3. Select Service 1..3
  4. log out

I would like to be able to see details of pages loaded in series and the exported HAR file shall have the same separation.
Is this possible.

I have attached the script I am using. I have tested the command in Firebug and Chrome dev tools and it seems to work as intended.
What I get as out put are the select country and login page. The home page is never shown, neither the other. I have payed around with combineSteps, ending in failing in runs.

Is there a bug in my script?

This is the result of my last run:

Without cobineSteps i had a result which contains all pages , but evrything is "folded" to one timeline.


RE: Recording of whole user workflow - pmeenan - 11-18-2014 06:38 AM

Get rid of the "waitForComplete" commands in the script. The navigate and "andWait" commands all have an implicit wait. The "waitForComplete" command waits for a specific javascript call (and may not be implemented in all browsers).