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Is there someone who can fix this? - simplesite - 11-25-2014 01:46 PM

Is there someone who can fix this?

The issue is:
The URL was fetched, but nothing was rendered. Ensure that the URL points to an HTML page that loads successfully in a web browser.

GWT loads the robots.txt file fine so apparently nothing is blocked from my end. This site shows that my site is rendering as does http://fpt.pingdom.com.

Yet other proof that somehow google bot doesn't render my site and that there is something wrong:

GWT says my sitemap is empty but it's not:

The render page of "Fetch as google" in WMT it is blank. Instead of the message "This is how Google fetched your page" in the rendering tab, I see the message:
Googlebot type: Desktop (render requested) and the tab is empty. Compare it to my other site that shows the list of rendered pages.

It is a joomla site. I have disabled all coms and plugins but the result was the same.

I wonder if this could be a hack related to the domain name. The domain http://americasnextnatural.com pointed to http://going-natural.com/ANNM-Home.html renders fine but then again the page doesn't.

Please pm me if you can solve this problem.