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12 + loading timing for magento website - 1990rishi@mail.com - 11-24-2015 07:49 PM

hi team

we are facing problem with magento website ,talking so much time to open up

please find the url for better understanding .


RE: 12 + loading timing for magento website - GreenGecko - 11-25-2015 10:56 AM

Cr@p server / internet bandwidth at a guess. All hosts ( except one of the nameservers, which is .220, not .219 ) point to the same IP address, so I'd say that it's a homebrew setup. Taking 6 seconds to download a 50KB file is just terrible... dialup performance, and with a 2.5MB web page, that's a big problem.

TTFB is OK - is certainly isn't your biggest worry.

I suggest thay you simplify your strategy with multiple hostnames, and just use a single commercial CDN instead - MaxCDN for example ( not cloudflare! ). That way you should both speed up downloads as they are someone elses problem, and ensure extra bandwidth available for the brains of the site to communicate.

And if your server isn't in a data centre, migrate to a VPS of some description to improve connectivity.