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Win Server 2012 error - WebPageUser - 08-11-2016 11:16 PM

I´m trying to connect two windows 2012 servers. On one server I´m running xampp with the apache server (webpagetest www on it). On the other server I´m running the agent. When I start the test nothing happens. The only message I receive is waiting at the front of the queue. I adjusted all the settings in the wptdriver.ini, with url linking to the server ip, where apache is running. There are no problems with the communication between both servers.

Are there any problems with using webpagetest on win server 2012?

RE: Win Server 2012 error - pmeenan - 08-12-2016 12:27 AM

Shouldn't be. A bunch of the production servers run agents on server 2012. Do you see the requests in the apache access log for /work/getWork.php?

If so, does the location ID and key (if configured) match what is configured in locations.ini?