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AWS Setting up private instance - Newbie stuck - spencer_shaw - 09-09-2016 01:45 AM

We would like to create a public instance and then share it as a test location.

But not sure on my next step. This is what i have done so far.

Following the instructions at and create an image from AWS:

I have created the following instance:

This is based upon you AMI:
IE11/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2016, wptdriver only) - ami-a3a81dd0

According to the instance viewer, the server is running. Screenshot attached

I have updated the security group to allow HTTP traffic from all IP address. Screenshot attached.

1. When I try to connect to the server , and I request the administrator password, it says “This instance was launched from a custom AMI, or the default password has changed. A password cannot be retrieved for this instance. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the Amazon EC2 configuration service. “. How do I login to it? What is the password?

2. What is the URL of the actual server for me to run webpagetest? When I put ec2-52-209-153-46.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com or into my browser, nothing happens

Many thanks in advance for your help

RE: AWS Setting up private instance - Newbie stuck - andydavies - 09-09-2016 06:20 AM

OK, WPT has a server and one or more agents and that AMI is for a test agent.

If you want a simple way to setup a server and agents on AWS check these docs - https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/blob/master/docs/EC2/Server%20AMI.md

RE: AWS Setting up private instance - Newbie stuck - spencer_shaw - 09-12-2016 07:51 PM

Hi, it comes up but just hangs.


Any advice?

Could it be because of not adding user data when setting up? If so, do I add the user data as follows:

wpt_server=www.webpagetest.org wpt_location=Test wpt_key=xxxxx

do i still keep wpt_location as test? If not, what do i change it to?