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Missing steps in Test Result - edu - 11-22-2017 07:47 PM

I have one test with 8 steps (one navigate and 7 clickAndWait) but in the Test Result page I can only see the first 6.

In the results folder I have the following:
  • all 8 steps in test.job
  • 8 screenshots
  • navigateCount=8 and steps=6 in testinfo.json

Since I have all the screenshots, I would rule out wptagent.

On webpagetest side I have maxNavigateCount=128 in settings.ini.
What am I missing?

Environment details:
  • server A: webpagetest (master branch from github)
  • server A: nginx + php7 in fastcgi mode
  • server B: chrome + wptagent (master branch from github)
  • windows on both servers