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WPT docker private instance: Error Messages - ceetee - 12-18-2017 12:58 PM

Hi there,

I've setup a dockerized WPT server and agent and noticed a couple of error messages logged and wanted to understand what these mean:

(1) Agent logs - filesystem/kernel/docker daemon issue?

Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
Failed to talk to init daemon.
In what instances would the above be logged?

(2) Agent logs - unable to connect to server
22:35:32.788 - Checking for work: server-url/work/getwork.php?f=json&shards=1&location=WPT_Local&pc=673ae58916c7&screenwidth=1920&screenheight=1200&freedisk=40.758
22:35:32.788 - Get Work Error: None

I noticed the above logged when the Agent for some reason cannot register with the server.
- Is "Get Work Error" an issue with the response from the server?
- Is "0" indicative of not being able to connect to the server?

When I make a curl request I get a 200 OK returned and response body of:
[1] 24911
[2] 24912
[3] 24913
[4] 24914
[5] 24915
[6] 24916
[2] Done shards=1
[3] Done location=WPT_Local
[5]- Done screenwidth=1920

(3) Server has no diskspace
If I go to server-url/install, the Filesystem section shows "NO" for writeable directories
Does this correspond error (1) that I noticed above?